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Registered number 80020000309981 NGO is Refugee Led Organization with its head Office in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement and branches in Kyaka II and Rwamawanja Refugee Settlements.

Wakati Foundation is a refugee led organization that was created in 2013 in Nakivale refugee settlement. Wakati Foundation’s aim is to respond to difficulties present in the community and design solutions for a sustainable and autonomous future especially in terms of employment. To this end, its programs are evolutive with the needs of the community and developed to respond to problematics arose by the refugees. Through construction projects and trainings, Wakati Foundation enable refugees to acquire vocational skills which can be useful in a myriad of professions and instances as well as fostering gender equality of opportunities. Currently, Wakati Foundation is notably putting an accent on financial inclusion of refugees through trainings, but also through the diversification of services that refugees can access on a financial level. Lastly, as a promoter of culture diversity and youth defender, Wakati Foundation supports youth artists in gaining visibility and finding opportunities for themselves.

Our organization has established valuable connections with refugees in the USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Belgium, a diaspora that supports its local activities. Furthermore, we have gone ahead to use our knowledge and expertise in community development and business acumen to negotiate contracts and subcontract construction works from operating and implementing partner organizations and private companies including OPM, and UNHCR,

Our Mission

To create pathways for achieving empowered, sustainable social economic communities for refugees and host country.

Our Vission

Sustainable development of our community is through our hard work.

Our Values

  • H - Hope
  • E - Empathy
  • I - Integrity
  • P - Professionalism
  • A - Accountability
  • I – Inclusivity

Wakati Foundation was established in March 2013 to train refugees in various life skills and provide guidance.

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What We Do

Protect People Of Special Needs

We build houses to protect people of special needs.

Sexual Reproductive Health & HIV/AIDS

In order to contribute to the increase accessibility and utilization of youth-friendly Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS services among in and out of school

Talent Development

We organizes cultural restorative activities in order to promote multicultural understanding and to support tolerance and nonviolence among refugees from the different nationalities and the neigh boring communities of Ugandans.

Emergency education

We organize training sessions on emergency response in the areas of education and construction, by sharing appropriate skills such as painting, electricity, masonry, cooking to enable refugees to survive in their host country after they have totally been uprooted from their usual social life.

Experience Some companies we have worked on

In-kind donations from our donors and partners allow refugees to minimize dependency and encourage self-reliance.

Our partners include OPM have provided labour and technical support. The organization is soliciting for more partnership with different development organization both at national and intentional level for material and technical support.

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