Our Missions


’ To create opportunities for refugees to develop trade, financial resource base and entrepreneurship skills to be self-reliance and healthy. Learn More

Our target group up to 2021 are:
  • People with medical conditions or physical disabilities (eg.HIV).
  • Women with history of rape.
  • Traumatized persons.
  • Entrepreneurship .
  • Emergences education .
  • Environment protection
  • To mobilize the religious leaders to teach refugees self-reliance based on scriptures in holly books.
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    Trained youth in entrepreneurship skills
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    Construction of emergence houses
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    Promote multicultural

Programme Activities

Wakati Foundation has built a platform focused on aiding entrepreneurs, startups, and
companies raise capital from anyone.Learn More


Wakati Foundation . is a refugee organization in Uganda Registration No: 80020000309981

Wakati is dedicated at serving refugees and host community in Uganda, established in March 2013 to provide training in various life skills and guidance, as well as involving refugees in community to share responsibility and caring for itself and it's vulnerable members. These practices minimize dependency and encourage self reliance.

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Achievements WAKATI FOUNDATION has empowered over 850 youth with practical entrepreneurship skills

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Some of Wakati Foundation
Programme Activities

Refugees and Asylum seekers

We guide the new refugees and asylum seekers adapt to the new situation or status; by providing guidelines such as respect of the authorities, etc; as well as directing them through the process of acquiring goods and services that answer their primary needs.

Bururma Community School

WAKTI FOUNDATION expresses its deepest appreciation to all resource partners who contributed to the donation held at Bururma community school work on education for children around the District hosting refugees in Uganda, especially Isingiro District, Nakivale refugee settlement in 2019.

Construction of
Emergence Houses

Organizing and coordinate the construction of emergence houses for refugees with disabilities level that resulted from the persecutions they have suffered from, back in their country of origin.

Training sessions
For refugees

To organize training sessions on emergency response in the areas of education and construction, by sharing appropriate skills such as painting, electricity, masonry, cooking, to enable both new and old refugees to survive in their host country after they have totally been uprooted from their usual social life.

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Response to COVID-19

Water Tanks

Kyeibale and Rwoma villages Water mixed with liquid soap for washing hands only

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As regular handwashing is a requirement

Organizing people on the line with social distancing of 2 meters, Serving each 5 liters of water mixed with liquid soap.

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Distribution of Masks

Organizing people for social distancing of 2 meters, Registering the family and distribution of Masks for everyone in Kyeibale and Rwoma

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Sensitization in Kyeibale C & Nyakagando A

Sensitization is curried out before we start the distribution of water and the liquid soap.

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Local and International Partners

In-kind donations from our donors and partners allow refugees to minimize dependency and encourage self-reliance.

Our partners include OPM, ARC, IOM, AIRD, UNHCR, EQUITY BANK and FRC. These have provided labour and technical support. The organization is soliciting for more partnership with different development organization both at national and intentional level for material and technical support.

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